About SEA

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 Our Vision

Our vision is for all East Africans to be able to meet their own economic, social and resource needs sustainably – now and in the future. This is a holistic approach to ensure that:

  • Natural resources are used sustainably and the environment is preserved to meet the needs of future generations.
  • Communities have sufficient skills, knowledge, capacity and ownership to develop and lead initiatives and determine the course of their own development sustainably and with pride.
  • Economic development provides sustainable livelihoods for everyone, and initiatives are financially self-sufficient and not significantly dependent on aid.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish and empower a sustainable movement of East Africans building a sustainable future.

Our Cause

The Zanzibar archipelago and Swahili Coast are blessed with a rich cultural heritage and a beautiful natural environment, which supports livelihoods and economic development through farming, fishing and tourism.

Yet, as the region develops and its population grows, natural resources such as forests, fisheries, soil and water, upon which both economic growth and livelihoods depend, are being used more quickly than they can recover naturally, and becoming degraded through inadequate sanitation and waste management, and changes in land-use.

To improve people’s wellbeing while preserving Swahili cultural heritage and natural beauty, SEA supports its local partners to find and adopt appropriate new, sustainable ways to interact with the environment and use our natural resources.

The future of the Swahili Coast and the welfare and livelihoods of the people who live there depend on it.

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Our Approach

How we work:

We collaborate

  • It is essential that the groups we work with are passionate, motivated and driven. So rather than imposing solutions, we work only with groups who approach us for help, and invite and welcome our collaboration. We therefore form partnerships with existing organisations that bring together researchers, volunteers, local activists and community groups. In this way, we can be sure that initiatives will continue after our involvement has ended.

We respond to local needs

  • Our local partners have ownership of their projects – they tell us their goals, objectives and needs so that we can work together with them to identify how we can help.

We find appropriate solutions

  • We make use of knowledge from around the region and the globe, to find low-tech, high-impact, sustainable solutions to lower the demand for declining natural resources and reduce environmental degradation.

We support financially sustainable enterprises

  • We recognise that people need to make a living, and projects need long-term financial security to be sustainable. That’s why we help communities to identify initiatives that protect the environment and generate an income.

We empower

We build the capacity of Zanzibari communities through education, training and knowledge sharing between groups. We provide people with the information and tools they need to live and work in an environmentally sustainable way.

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Our partners

Our projects