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Karibuni wote!

Welcome to the Sustainable East Africa website!

We’re working on updates so please forgive (and let us know about) any broken links – and check back in the coming days to learn about what we’re up to!

Our work involves promoting sustainability, sustainable livelihoods, respect for the environment, and empowering motivated people to do these things.  We work with passionate local community groups, schools and other organisations to help them achieve their goals sustainably, and promote wise use of natural resources on the Swahili Coast.

Sustainable East Africa provides mentorship and support to volunteers who come independently, with DTP, and through “World Unite!” to support our projects in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Zanzibar Arts and Culture Map

Our most recent project is a research about all the artists and arts sellers in Stone Town. Our volunteers created a map for you to find out where to look for Zanzibari Art.

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