A new Volunteer, a new Compost and a new Project: Plant a Tree Day 2018

A new Volunteer, a new Compost and a new Project: Plant a Tree Day 2018

Let me introduce myself, Martin – I am a new volunteer with Sustainable East Africa – I am here in Zanzibar for 2 months. So far, I have been really excited to see all the different projects happening with the SEA partners. Today, I want to tell you about a project dealing with upcycling and making a cleaner and nicer environment. Furthermore, at the end of this post I have the honor to announce a special day for SEA, especially for Teresa and Julia, and for the citizens of Vikokotoni!

16 German “weltwärts”-volunteers spend one year in Tanzania

Five months ago we entered Frankfurt airport together with fourteen other volunteers imagining we were about to embark on the most exciting year of our lives. We, Teresa and Julia, are the two current “weltwärts” volunteers working at SEA until August 2018. Already that day when we left our homes in Germany feels very far away. The uncertainties and fears with which we entered Tanzania have disappeared and we’ve developed a daily routine on the other side of the equator.
But what is this “weltwärts” program that enabled us, along with about 3500 young German volunteers to experience a whole year in a far away country?

Zanzibar Arts and Culture Map

SEA launches our on-line map of Stone Town galleries, boutiques, arts and crafts sellers

Arts in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has a rich chest of artistic expression and practice. From its architecture to fine art to the many authentic and beautiful craftworks. Many of the artists, as in other places, gravitate to the capital city, and the same holds here.

But where do you, as a visitor, or somebody living here, find out about where to see artworks, visit artists or purchase craftworks? Nowadays the average visitor will roam the internet first, but try that for Zanzibar and you will miss out on a vast number of fascinating people, projects and places.

SASIK – a Women’s Co-operative doing Arts beyond the Canvas

By the end of 20th century the Zanzibar Government had taken control of the fabric market on the island. As a result, there were only three colours available. But for the women of the Suleiman family that wasn’t enough. They tried to find a way to make the fabrics more unique. For generations the women of the family had made the delicate ornaments for Kofia and Kanzu (traditional Islamic hat and dress for men). The appliqué technique proved suitable to transfer those fine patterns onto bigger pieces of fabric. Saada Abdullah Suleiman and her mother taught themselves to create and realize various designs.

Solar Energy on Zanzibar – more than just a Business

A guest article by Patricia Wehr, volunteer at Renewable Energy Zanzibar association (REZA)

Zanzibar – located in the Indian Ocean near the equator the islands warm climate invites hundreds of tourists from all over the world every year to enjoy the island’s beauty. With an average of almost 8 hours of sun a day it seems not only easy to enjoy seeing the sunbeams breaking in the clear, turquoise blue water on the beach, but also to use the sun and its solar power as a source of renewable energy. But why do so many residents still not have access to solar energy, even though it would be an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to the unhealthy kerosine lamps? How has the solar energy sector on Zanzibar developed; what has already been achieved; which difficulties it has to cope with and why solar energy on Zanzibar is more than just a business – are the questions I had in mind when I joined REZA as a volunteer earlier this year.

BlueBikes – an extraordinary way of exploring Zanzibar

On our way to the BlueBikes-office we watched the grey clouds gathering above Stone Town. “Are you sure we won’t get soaked on our bike tour today?” we asked Yusuf, the leader of BlueBikes who was going to guide us to a Spice Farm by bike that day. By the time we were ready to go the rain clattered down and Stone Town’s narrow streets turned into streams, but Yusuf was confident. “Don’t worry it won’t take long until the rain stops and then we can start our tour.”

#1artist24hours – Cultural Arts Centre’s Instagram Event with Dullah Wise

“Hi, I’m looking for a painting by Dullah Wise!” These were the words of a visitor to the Cultural Arts Centre last Friday. That can’t be a coincidence. He must have followed our CACZ online event. He did. “It was nice to follow.” Now he was looking for more art from Dullah Wise. Of course, he had come to the right place at the Arts Centre. We gladly forwarded him to the Hurumzi Henna Gallery, Dullah Wise’s workplace where he had the pleasure of meeting him. But what kind of event exactly did we have planned and what was it for?

Creative workshops for children at the Cultural Arts Centre

“Can I wrap this up to give it to my mom as a present?”, asked one of the 17 young creatives who came to visit Cultural Arts Centre last week, after he had finished making a beautiful little notebook. Supervised by the Cultural Arts Centre team, the SEA team and some of their teachers, the lively group of 5- to 10-year-olds from South East Coast International School Zanzibar made notebooks and Burudika handmade soaps throughout the whole morning. Both of the activities use re-cycled and up-cycled materials.

FUMBA: Zanzibar’s newly built Town

You might ask why has the building of a new town in Zanzibar been given a space in our blog? The amazing thing about this development is its serious attempts to enhance and not destroy the natural environment of the area – and for that reason it is something potentially of great importance, for other developers to see!