Youth empowerment – PLCI

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What is the issue?

A number of marginalised social groups in Zanzibar have trouble accessing high quality education. The education curriculum in Zanzibar is taught in English, but not all schoolchildren have access to adequate English tuition. Large class sizes and budget constraints limit the opportunity for participatory learning, and students in most schools do not learn about their environment and how to take care of it.

Unemployment levels for young people in Zanzibar are well over 50% meaning young people of school-leaving age have very few opportunities to start earning an income.

What is the solution?

The Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution is a charity school on the outskirts of Stone Town offering free primary and secondary education and vocational training to orphans, the disabled and those living in extreme poverty. PLCI provides students with excellent English tuition and also provides supplementary science training (for which girls have priority), language, art and drama classes, and most recently, an Environment Club and a Girls’ Club.

How do we help?

Sustainable East Africa helps by:

PLCI core activities

  • Working with teachers and students to build their capacity in English and computer-based research, so that they can make better use of available resources and information.
  • Providing training to develop staff capacity in project and financial management skills.
  • Helping the school raise awareness about its services and achievements.
  • Assisting the school to secure donations of equipment and learning materials and other needs.
  • Establishing and delivering a life-skills and career development curriculum, equipping school leavers to qualify for work and training opportunities.
  • Networking on school graduates’ behalf to help them to secure jobs and training positions.
  • Catalysing a fruitful partnership between PLCI and the International School of Zanzibar.
  • Securing donations of education resources from Books Abroad.
  • Providing support, oversight, guidance and mentorship to overseas volunteers participating in these activities.


Environment Club

  • Helping PLCI students to establish an environment club, and helping the club to design environmental activities and field trips, and find guest speakers.
  • Helping train club members to establish gardens to produce vegetables and herbs, donating seeds, and helping access market for selling produce within the tourist industry, resulting in improved diet and helping provide both the school and its students with a sustainable income.
  • Demonstrating ways to recycle garbage and turn it into sellable products such as decorations and jewellery, to generate further sustainable income through the Cultural Arts Centre.
  • Providing training in fund-raising and project management skills to student leaders.
  • Working with teachers to develop lesson plans and teaching resources, which focus on environmental education.
  • Running lessons, which focus on experiential learning in the natural environment – so that students become more engaged with their surroundings and come to understand how human activities affect the natural world.


Girls’ Club

  • Supporting female PLCI students to establish a Girls’ Club, and helping the club to develop its aims and objectives.
  • Connecting the club with guest speakers and guest activities through our community network.
  • Providing mentorship, career development guidance and life-skills training.
  • Securing partnerships to enable the club members to develop their professional skills and training and start generating an income.

Get involved!

  • Visit PLCI to meet our inspiring students
  • Sponsor a student for just $10 a month
  • Employ a PLCI graduate with excellent language skills and motivation, or provide training and internship opportunities
  • Volunteer your time to support PLCI
  • Ask us for information about current activities and needs
  • Make a donation to support our programme