Creative Festival of Water March 2015, Panga Chumvi, Matemwe, Zanzibar cfow_festival-banner1

In the islands of Zanzibar – Unguja and Pemba – we are surrounded by water – and the monsoons bring us fresh water every season. We love our water – but we have our fair share of water problems, too!
Since 2015 we have regularly hosted a Creative Festival of Water– to celebrate the water we have, the water we’d like and what people are doing across the islands to achieve this.

Through music, performance, visual arts and media – our aim is to bring communities together to have fun, to explore and to celebrate creativity and artistic talent. We will give organisations a platform to showcase creative water solutions. We like each festival will be a true sharing and reflection of the talent and entrepreneurship living on the islands, together with other creative people from across the globe. clean_safe_waterjune16_v2

Water focused activities at the event will be e.g. children’s singing performance; ngalawa race; glass up-cycling and batik workshops; videos; children, women and men’s races; arts exhibitions; crafts, arts and recycling stalls on the beach; football match; feature film at night. Artists and organisations all have a platform to showcase creativity and water solutions.

Who are we?

The Zanzibar team currently consists of people both from within the community of Matemwe and from those who have made Matemwe their home – together with Sustainable East Africa, and Zanzibari and international friends.

We welcome you!

To find out more, to join in, or to volunteer your talent and creativity – contact us

If you are interested in volunteering for the festival, please fill in this questionnaire and send it to the email address on the form

Sustainable East Africa also participates regularly in festivals around Zanzibar including Sauti za Busara music festival and the Zanzibar Beach & Watersports Festival