Our Partners

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1496572221009{margin-right: 10px !important;margin-left: 10px !important;}”]Sustainable East Africa (SEA) works as a catalyst to enable existing local schools, groups and organisations to meet their goals more effectively and more sustainably. We support and  empower motivated and committed local organisations to be effective and inspiring to others.

Our associate members

Jumuia ya Mazingira ya Jamii ya Vikokotoni – Vikokotoni Environment Society

Jumuia ya Mazingira ya Jamii ya Vikokotoni (JMJV) – the Vikokotoni Environment Society – promotes environmental awareness, community clean-up and recycling. Zanzibar’s waste is often thrown in the street or burned; waterways are then blocked with waste and streets flood with polluted water.

Since August 2012 JMJV have transformed their narrow streets from being dirty and insanitary, to being clean and healthy. They also separate and recycle waste materials.

Read more about JMJV and Community clean-up in Vikokotoni

Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar

The Cultural Arts Centre, Zanzibar (CACZ) promotes Zanzibari cultural heritage, and provides local artists and craftspeople with training and a market for their arts and crafts. Tourists are an important source of revenue, but most souvenirs in Zanzibar are imported. CACZ sells products made in Zanzibar by local artisans from sustainable and recycled materials using traditional techniques.

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Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution

The Prospective Learning and Charitable Institution (PLCI) provides free education to young men and women who are orphaned, living in extreme poverty, or otherwise disadvantaged. With the motto Learning for life!’, PLCI offers classes in English, science, computer skills, environment studies and vocational and life skills, to equip students to succeed in school and aspire to better lives.

Read more about SEA’s projects with PLCI:

Our collaborating partners

Panga Chumvi Beach Resort

Panga Chumvi Beach Resort is collaborating with SEA to establish a Creative Environmental Outreach Centre. Based in rural coastal Matemwe, we are working with local organisations and individuals towards a creative approach to sustainable lives and tourism. Artist residencies supporting local groups, and a Creative Festival of Water, share space with composting, solar water heaters and rainwater harvesting.

Farajah Women’s Society

Mtende Women’s Society