Jumuia ya Mazingira ya Jamii ya Vikokotoni – Vikokotoni Environment Society

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1412842652395{margin-right: 10px !important;margin-left: 10px !important;}”]Jumuia ya Mazingira ya Jamii ya Vikokotoni (JMJV), the Vikokotoni Environment Society, is an NGO in the community of Vikokotoni, Stone Town, whose goal is to clean-up their community and introduce effective waste management to protect the environment and make Vikokotoni a safe, healthy and beautiful place to live. JMJV are also developing an education and awareness-raising programme to encourage community support and participation in their activities.

As well as improving recycling, sanitation and drainage, JMJV are working, with SEA’s support, to improve livelihoods in sustainable ways through diverse entrepreneurial activities from drain cleaning to sustainable charcoal briquette manufacture to making upcycled jewelery from recycled paper.

History of our community NGO

Vikokotoni –our Shehia

Our community, Vikokotoni, is located between Darajani market and Mtendeni Street. We have lived here for many generations, but over the years we have seen an increase in the number of residents and shops, and with them the amount of garbage being produced. Because there was no (governmental) service to take care of household and shop rubbish, residents just threw their waste onto the streets. This led to an unpleasant and unhealthy environment as well as blocked drains, and floods with every rainfall.

Establishing the NGO Manispaa Jamii Vikokotoni

Following President Dr. Shein’s advice to the communities of Zanzibar to establish their own waste management, we set up the Non-Governmental Organisation Jumuia ya Mazingira ya Jamii ya Vikokotoni in August 2011, to organise the clean up in the Shehia of Vikokotoni.

JMJV  currently has 35 members.

What we do

Daily clean ups:

  • Every day at 6 am, a team of 15 members sweeps all the business roads and collect all waste from the market areas within Vikokotoni
  • At the same time, the other members collect household waste and sweep residential streets
  • Non-recyclable waste is taken to the government collection point for removal by ZMC
  • We also clear waste from blocked drains
  • We fund these services through donations from residents and street vendors in the community

Monthly Community clean-ups:

  • Every first Saturday of the month, we invite the whole community, including local authorities, schools and NGOs, to help in a major clean-up


  • During collection, NGO members separate materials that can be recycled, including plastic, iron, aluminium, glass and paper
  • We either recycle these ourselves or sell them to others who use them to make new items


  • With training from Cultural Art Centre, Zanzibar through the Sustainable East Africa programme, five members are now able to up-cycle old magazines and newspaper into paper beads and paper bags, which are sold in the Art Centre.

Raising awareness:

  • We visit all houses and businesses in Vikokotoni weekly to provide education about our activities and why a clean environment is so important
  • We also visit local schools and madrasas to teach young people about the environment
  • We also provide outreach to other communities interested to set up clean-up activities like ours

Mobile recycling collection and clean-up service

  • We have established recycling drop-off points using mobile recycling trolleys, supported by Sustainable East Africa
  • We now offer clean-up and recycling services for events in Stone Town, using these trolleys –sponsorship opportunities are available!

Construction of permanent dustbins

  • We are building permanent dustbins using plastic bottles filled with dirt instead of bricks
  • Thus construction technique was introduced to Zanzibar by Sustainable East Africa who built two water tanks in Mwera from plastic bottles

Bio-briquette production:

  • Charcoal dust is a byproduct of charcoal manufacture and usually discarded. We collect charcoal dust from charcoal producers and use a press donated by Sustainable East Africa with funding from the Rotary Club of Zanzibar, Stone Town, to make bio-briquettes

Vegetable garden:

  • We grow vegetables fertilized with compost made from organic waste, and produce is sold in the market to raise funds.

Support us

Contact us to find out how you can support our activities or sponsor recycling collection services

Donate to:

Jumuya ya Mazingira (ya Jamii Vikokotoni Zanzibar)

Account No.: 3300821134

KCB Stone Town – Tanzania



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